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Kristen Eldridge Appraisals

Kristen Eldridge Appraisals is a licensed residential real estate appraisal practice that is affiliated with Compass Rose Buyer Brokers. They provide Uniform Residential Appraisal Reports to Banks and lending institutions throughout New England and to Mortgage Brokers and Appraisal Service Companies throughout the United States. They also provide valuation services to Attorneys, estate planners, private individuals and for tax abatement proceedings.

The Appraisal Credentials of Kristen Eldridge include…

  • Appointment by the Governor of New Hampshire to The New Hampshire Real Estate Appraisal Board.
  • New Hampshire Certified Residential Appraiser's License
  • New Hampshire Real Estate Brokers License
  • National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers
  • Director and Charter Member NH Assoc. of Exclusive Buyer Agents
  • Adjunct Professor - Real Estate Appraisal. NH Tech College
  • Teacher - Technical Writing for Appraiser. NH Job Training Council
When the Banks want an expert opinion of value so as to protect their assets they turn to Eldridge Appraisals. Compass Rose Buyer Broker Clients can turn to that same expertise to protect their assets as well.

"Information is the key. Knowledge is power."



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