Compass Points

Articles & Write-Ups

Money Magazine
"You save big bucks by hiring a buyer broker."

Los Angeles Times
"Exclusive Buyer's Agents work only for consumers and often can save them money."

The Boston Sunday Globe
"Understanding the difference between buyer agents and traditional real estate agents is akin to mastering the subtle difference between defense and prosecuting attorneys. Their jobs are essentially the same. The people they represent are not."

This Old House
"Realizing your agent isn't on your side is a little like learning there is no Santa Claus. For buyers, the worst form of this arrangement is when one company handles the whole shebang: listing and showing the house, bringing the buyers, closing the deal and getting the entire commission."

Ralph Nader-Agency Law Quarterly
"Nader again held up exclusive buyer brokerage as the only legitimate option for the home buying public."

Business Week
"Exclusive buyer broker -- aims to get best deal for home buyer"

Smart Money
"Groups such as the Consumer Federation and the AARP recommend using buyer's agents ... the reason is they work."

The New York Times
"Buyer brokers make a great deal of sense"

Consumer Reports
"You can't have partial loyalty, an agent either works for you or works for someone else."

Chicago Tribune
"Hiring a buyer's broker costs the home buyer nothing extra."

Business Week
"…you can assume the broker is working for the seller. Such agents must pass on information such as the buyers income to the seller, who has a better idea of what price to hold out for."

"Find out how the broker will dig out price information for you. A buyer's broker should be your own professional Colombo, willing to pore through public records to find out what price the seller paid for the house & when."

Real Estate Development
"Buyers who provide their agents confidential information such as salary, the maximum they will spend for a home, their assets and credit history, believe it will facilitate the approval process. But these buyers may subsequently be shocked to learn that the agent to whom they have given this information actually represents the seller and, even more importantly, has an obligation to disclose this information."



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